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parc central residences
Nowadays both conservatories and orangeries are thought of as affordable extensions which add elegance and style to any property as well as acting as an extra room for relaxing or entertaining. Conservatories are more prevalent than their more exotic counterparts as research has revealed that as many as one in four British houses has the extension but orangeries are growing in popularity as more homeowners become aware of their benefits. The contemporary orangery is no longer designed to house peculiar plants but is now seen as a more permanent extension compared to conservatories which are perceived as more temporary structures.

Orangeries are not entirely made of glass parc central residences so they are a more natural transition between the interior of a home to the exterior garden as it will blend easier with a property and the outdoors. You should only choose panelling that matches the style of your home to avoid it appearing like an unnatural addition and there are numerous contemporary orangery designs that can act like seamless extensions. The majority of orangeries are installed with bifold doors which are perfe

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