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19 nassim
There are now so-called "cash home buyers" who can rescue you from house repossession even when you've been served an eviction notice or have been scheduled for a court hearing. At that point, it may be irrelevant to seek the help of an estate agent, but cash home buyers can.

How? Either they have the cash funds or they have a network of home investors with cash so they are ready to buy your house anytime. There is minimal 19 nassim paperwork involved as there are really very few parties involved in the negotiations; in fact, it's essentially just the buyer and the seller, plain and simple. So it only takes a few days or weeks to complete a sale. And because there is no estate agent acting as a middleman, the seller gets to save on estate agent and legal fees as well.

If it sounds too good to be true, it actually isn't. Before you decide to go this route, what you should understand is that this should be a last resort - whether you need to sell house quickly to be able to pay off debts, or to settle a divorce, or relocate for a job. If you have money and time, then maybe you should wait until you get the right buyer for the right price. Cash home buyers usually offer slightly below the market value (75-90 percent of the market value), still a good deal though considering the speed at which you will be able to sell your house and collect your cash.

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