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peak residence
A nine acre, award winning vineyard in Romania, complete with charming farmhouse and winery for under £85,000. A productive 10 acre organic olive grove with villa on an unspoilt Greek island for £205,000. A yacht charter business based in the Mediterranean and generating a gross profit of £110,000 for £380,000. A successful seaside restaurant with living accommodation and sunny terrace on Majorca for £460,000. A small, popular bar in Marbella with studio apartment for £65,000.

Tempted by any of the above? One of the peak residence many benefits of our booming economy and buoyant property market is that lifestyle businesses overseas now represent incredible value for money. 

For the price of a relatively modest suburban home almost anywhere in the UK you can buy a fantastic - and lucrative - lifestyle business in any number of desirable locations elsewhere in the world. With a slightly larger sum you can afford something truly stupendous and potentially even more profitable. There's so much choice, too. Move abroad - perhaps to a warmer, drier climate - and enjoy running the business yourself. Or, stay here in Britain and employ someone else to manage it for you. Opt for a venture that allows you to work from home (bearing in mind that that 'home' could well be a dream property) or keep the two separate.

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