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Looking at the m
Looking at the migratory birds flying away in the distance, I realized that the winter came quietly and looked at the warm yellow glow of the sun. Only then did I know that the color of the east was slightly cold in the morning, and I looked at the slight mist in the air. Consciously looking for a warm feeling. A person walking on the road in the early morning is a good time to fall into meditation; looking up at the dark sky Marlboro Red, without the blue of summer. Straight on the road, the street lights standing upright on both sides, or solemn, or can not help but, or the guardian of loneliness. From the beginning of their "life", they have stood forever and started the destined scarecrow's life until they "dead", but they can always feel the moment when the four seasons come Newport 100S, like the increasingly thick winter ��... This may be the happiness in loneliness looking up to the top of it, like the wings of a migratory bird, extending infinitely to the end of the sky, neatly arranged to fly to the warm area, which tells us that winter is coming. I wrapped my neckline in my own way, resisting the coldness of winter and the coldness of winter. The morning is a hazy weather, but the sun is shining at noon, as if the sun is going to hibernate, until midday it is willing to start a new day with us. The winter sun is never pungent in summer, especially at noon, and there is no desire for Xiayang to make people sleepyThe light of Dongyang is glaring, and it can be seen on any reflective object to reflect the yellow halo that belongs to winter. The hand unconsciously covers the eyes and blocks the dazzling winter sun, but it is all in vain, because the world that belongs to Dongyang has just begun to have the wind of winter sun and it has become gentle from the cold wind in the morning. It is a Kind of comfort from the bottom of my heart. Sitting in the winter sun Marlboro Gold, holding a book of your own favorite, enjoying the wind of winter sun, how comfortable. Perhaps you will also receive a gift from the wind of Dongyang, a dandelion flower that comes with the wind of Dongyang. Look, how lucky you are to get a spring seed. Silently put it in your favorite book. This is my winter!
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