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In winter, the northern
In winter, the northern village is naked. In the countryside, the river is thin and thin, bright as a mirror, the fruit and vegetables on her waist in the fall, and the watermelon on her body in the summer have disappeared. The village, a dozen meters tall tree bare legs, in the ��In the cold wind, the huge bird's nest is pushed to the top of the head, so as not to be invaded, but life is broken by the giant snake inside the dish. Looking from afar, the surface temptation still exists, full of thoughts and glamour, and in essence life is no longer continuing. The urchin is eager to move, crawling up to the treetops, but seeing the snakes in the tempting bird's nest, the snakes are suddenly lost, the lichens are broken, the skins are fleshy, and they are fleeing. In the lanes, the households are getting smaller and smaller. Finally, it was turned into a daily smoke, rising into the ethereal sky and turning into the air. So, the village seemed to be more and more empty; next to the courtyard wall, the remaining pomegranate hung on the tall branches and became the yard. The focus of the exhibition is particularly eye-catching, and it becomes the object of the child's throwing bet; in the house Cigarettes For Sale, the charcoal star of the firewood in the brazier constantly emits the waste heat, and the whole winter is left, leaving only half a pot of gray as a goose to change the stars, the years are like Shuttle, time is like running water, generations of villagers, holding the golden land, holding their own roots, but can not keep a trace of secrets, my heart is always naked, frank, three or five groups, flirting, down Chess is boring, crying, and laughing. Like the sorghum exposed in the fall and the soy-smoothed soybeans in the open corner, the thin grandmother can��t sit still, black, eyes, and tremors. With a red granddaughter out of the house, came to the yard, hobbled to the streets, he came to the village, waiting to no avail, eagerly look forward to their loved ones thousands of miles away to an early return. A black, a blush, a blush, a black, in the multi-day ochre to replace the disappearing city Newport Cigarettes, the dream of the bloody young people, packaged into batches, twists and turns, sweaty back, sharpened heads on the train, in the bag Drumming, heavy, filled with blessings. Looking forward to meeting with the blessings, the relatives and friends gathered together, the quiet and naked village began to boil, the hot dumplings braved the heat, people became more and more unable to resist the temptation of spring, like a firecracker Wholesale Cigarettes, "exploding" a spring dream .
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